Content Marketing: Attract, Engage, Retain

Add a Content Marketing ServicesTeam to Your Company

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the strategic creation, distribution and consistent maintenance of highly valued and differentiated entertaining, informative or instructional content developed to attract, engage and connect with a desired target audience.

Why is Content Marketing so important?

Simple answer:  It works.

Somewhat longer answer:  If a target audience is consistently engaging and connecting through ongoing, highly valued and differentiated content, long term loyalty bonds are formed which, in turn, ultimately creates long term customers.

ebroadcasters' custom designed content marketing services are professionally tailored toward and reflect our clients' unique set of success based characteristics and objectives. 

Our content marketing services include agency level web design, web, mobile and app application development, engaging content creation and content updating, and strategic digital and social marketing distribution.

ebroadcasters' technical core competencies include: html, xhtml, html5, css, SQL specialization, content layout architecture, SEO setup, Javascript, Java,, FLASH design, Actionscript, IOS, Android, 3D modeling and more.

Sample Content Marketing Efforts

ebroadcasters designs
  • Corporate digital messaging and distribution
  • Brick & mortar extensions.
  • Event content and distribution.
  • Promotional programs.
  • Sports & entertainment.
  • Faith based.
  • Philanthropic content and distribution.

Professional Custom Graphic Design

ebroadcasters website design methodology begins with taking time to understand the base requirements and overall objectives of each project.  We then use an iterative process to deliver a series of custom designs that are worked through until a set of custom skins and layouts are finalized that have a standard look and feel and are client approved.  From there we integrate the look and feel with our Content Management System Platform, navigation architecture and MS SQL database.  Once tested we move onto content creation, content graphic design, content population and proofing /  usability testing.

All ebroadcasters websites are designed, developed and tested to meet or exceed client browser and platform viewing requirements.  Once tested and signed off by our clients, ebroadcasters then deploys the new site into an ebroadcasters provided production web server infrastructure.